Introduction to the market from the UKTI Director of Trade and Investment Pakistan – Mr John Tucknott MBE






John TucknottPakistan is a developing market with a young and growing population of over 190 million people.

It presents plenty of opportunities for UK exports and investment. It is a highly lucrative market for those companies that make the decision to do business here. Over 100 UK companies already have a physical presence in the market, with more seriously considering joining them, and they are earning healthy double digit returns. There is immediate recognition of many British products and brands in Pakistan due to the country’s many links with the UK.

The UKTI team in Pakistan  based in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad, but with a country-wide reach and understanding, stand ready to assist UK companies who wish to investigate trade and investment opportunities. Do please contact us to learn the latest on the myriad opportunities available and to discuss your company’s plans for exporting, investing or expansion in Pakistan. We are keen to hear from you about opportunities which might interest UK businesses. The UKTI team in Pakistan stand ready to help you and you should consider it an open door.

Mr John Tucknott MBE
UKTI Director of Trade and Investment Pakistan 


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